Sunday, January 23, 2011

Blog # 22 - Gilmore Girls, Season 7, Episode 22

Okay so I skipped from season two all the way to season seven, but since this is my last required blog, I thought “hey, why not show how this show came to an end”. Alright, so this clips starts off in Rory’s room. Lorelai and Rory are discussing if it was a possibility that Luke a Lorelai get back together, she says that they probably won’t. Then the clip flashes to the good-by party that the town had thrown for Rory, the party was organized by Luke. Rory has grown up in Stars Hollow, so the entire town has grown to love her. So towards the end of the bug extravaganza, Sookie is telling Lorelai about Luke having the idea for the party. So Lorelai and Luke have a little chat and then they kiss and BAM the episode, season and show has come to an end. Personally I don’t mind the ending, I think it didn’t leave any questions unanswered, which is good. Some people can argue that it is a terrible ending, also it is rumoured that there might be a Gilmore girls movie to end the season “right”. So yea, I really like how Luke and Lorelai get back together in the end because I think that Luke is the best match out of all the boyfriends that Lorelai has had.

Blog # 21 - Gilmore Girls, Season 2, Episode 7

This episode take’s place at the dance contest that Stars Hollow has every year that Kurk usually wins. You can obviously see the tension between Rory and Jess, because this is when we truly start to see Rory’s true feelings for Jess. As you can also see is that Lane doesn’t like Jess very much, actually, not many people in town like him because he has that “bad boy” attitude that gets him into trouble. The fact that Rory has to start a fight with Jess just goes to show how much she truly likes him. I have to say Jess’ quick comments are pretty funny. So when the break is over Dean takes Lorelai’s place until she comes back, and Rory immediately looks at Jess and starts complaining about how he is looking at her and just sitting there. This really sets off a red flag in Dean’s mind and with the lack of sleep he just snaps. He ends their relationship then and there. So Rory goes off alone and she and Jess being talking about what just happened and what the future holds for them. In my opinion Jess and Rory are a better couple then Dean and Rory, just because Jess shares the same interests as Rory whereas Dean and her share very little interests.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Blog # 20 - Gilmore Girls, Season 2, Episode 3

Well I’ve been writing a lot about Rory and her Chilton life, so I’d though I would mix it up a bit and write about Lorelai and the rest of the town. I’d have to say, that this is probably on of my favourite episodes because it is just so darn funny. Alright so this episode has to do with Taylor having a traffic light installed right in front of Luke’s dinner. Of course Luke isn’t happy about this at all, so while Taylor is explaining to the town why they installed the light in the first place and Luke is outraged so he start to make snide comments. Sookie and Lorelai are busy planning her bachelorette party, since Lorelai is now engaged to Max, and they are set to wed very soon. So Taylor is showing off this big yellow button and it’s large yellow instruction panel and most people in the town find this panel insulting because, as Luke says, “it’s written for morons”. Luke and Taylor continue to argue, as usual, and then Taylor invites the oldest person in town, Miss Lanahan, to lead the first “historic” group arose the street. Of course this takes some time because she is very old and can barley walk, all the while, Kurk is taking picture of this “historic” event. Luke is now arguing with Sookie on why getting married is a bad idea and just overall ruining her mood.

Blog # 19 - Gilmore Girls, Season 1, Episode 21

Alright, so this takes place maybe a week after Tristan and Rory kissed, and as you can see, they are back to arguing with each other as if the kissed they shared didn’t even happen. So Tristan invites Rory to a concert and she say no because she doesn’t want to date him. After Rory walks away, Tristan Tells Paris, Madeline and Louise that he is dating Rory and that they are going to a concert together. This deeply upset Paris because despite everything, she still likes him. So has you can probably guess, Paris is now mad and hates Rory again, just as they were starting to get along. So now Rory is mad at Tristan because he is back to his old annoying self. He tries convincing her to go with him to the concert but she say no, Tristan takes her books but she just keeps on walking. That’s when she spots Dean, waiting for her, but Dean sees Tristan with Rory’s books and assumes that they are dating and get’s all mad. But the two, Rory and Dean, end up getting back together again and all is well.

This is the clip that is not shown in the one above, that shows what happens between the encounter with Dean and the make out scene.

Blog # 18 - Gilmore Girls, Season 1, Episode 17

So at Madeline’s party, Tristan and Summer are arguing because Summer was supposedly cheating on him in the bathroom with some guy named Austin. She walks off saying “oou, good song”, personally, I find this line super lame. Tristan turns around to find Paris, Lane and Rory looking at him, not with laugher in their eyes, but with a look oh pity and remorse. Tristan is later watching Sumer dance (badly) with someone else. Later Summer brakes up with Tristan in front of 20 or so people, Rory being one of them. So then, Rory walks in on Tristan playing the piano, they start talking about his break-up and then they move on to why Dean wasn’t at the party. Turns out they broke up the day before, on their three month anniversary because Dean “didn’t want to be her boyfriend anymore”, but the real reason was because Dean had said “I love you” but Rory wasn’t ready to say it back. So Tristan and Rory’s conversation get’s all sentimental and Tristan starts complimenting her and the two just kiss. Rory kisses back for awhile but the stops because she is crying, not because of anything Tristan did, but because she was still upset about her own break up with Dean. Personally, I think Dean was an idiot, like Tristan said, because in my opinion he overreacted just a tad.

Blog # 17 - Gilmore Girls, Season 1, Episode 16

So this Clip starts off showing Tristan and His girlfriend, Summer, making out in front of Paris and Rory’s lockers. Madeline, Paris and Louise are all chatting about how ridiculous it is, how Madeline wants a boyfriend and how Paris is going to get to her locker. Fed up with this nonsense, Paris walks up to the couple and starts loudly telling them to move, as to get their attention, no luck. Rory walks up and starts a conversation with Paris, surprisingly Paris isn’t mean to Rory because the one thing they hate more then each other is Tristan. Then Rory says “God look at that, it’s like he’s eating her face”. I got a good chuckle out of that line, it’s funny because it’s true. Anyway Rory eventually taps Tristan on the shoulder, getting their attention, and asks them to move. Before they do, however, Summer tells Paris that she should get bangs because she has a long forehead. Paris doesn’t take to kindly to these words, but before she has a chance to say anything or do anything to Summer, Madeline interrupts and invites Summer, Tristan and Rory to a party at her house.

Blog # 16 - Gilmore Girls, Season 1, Episode 9

Alright, well this scene starts off at Chilton, in line when Tristan goes to buy his ticket. Paris is selling the tickets and Tristan compliments her, making her all nervous, which is defiantly not how she normally acts. Then, Tristan walks over to Rory, who is ready like always, and tries to give him the “cold shoulder”, which doesn’t work because he is very persistent. Rory suggests that Tristan ask Sissy to the dance. The scene then flash forwards to the dance. Tristan is leaning ageist the wall, watching Rory and Dean dance. Sissy comes and the two go off to make-out. Then we see Dean, coming back with the coats, both his and Rory’s, because the two decided to leave. But before Dean gives Rory her coat, Tristan comes up to Dean and tries to start some sort of argument, I think Dean handled it pretty well. So then Rory comes up, wearing the dress her mom made her, and asks Dean if everything is alright. Tristan at one point says “oh yea, we’re just about to build a clubhouse”, I though this was so so funny, and very clever on Tristan’s part. When Dean and Rory were just about to leave, Tristan starts some what of a “fight” but Dean ends it. It doesn’t show it in the clip, but Paris brought he cousin to the dance because she couldn’t get a date. Her “date” tries to get Rory’s number but she declines.